Calendar of Events

2 Riga, Ūnijas iela 8 k-5 Old dancers meeting
5 Riga Classes begin for old dancers
3, 4 Riga Performance at Lido (Mols, Domina) all
8, 9 Riga, Ūnijas iela 8 k-5 The new season Jam VDS +...? all
  Minsk, Belarus Belarus Open 2011  
12-16 Graz, Austria World Hip Hop Championship - 2011 those who get that far
  Tallinn Estonian Open Cup 2011 - Tallinn  
  Riga Riga Rudens - 2011 ratings race -
  Vilnius Urban battles - 7 vs. 7 (theme -???) subsample
26 Baldone 8th modern dance festival 'NEW DANCE' all except 1st year
7-10 Mikołajki Festival (water park) in Poland subsample
  Tukums Festival club 'Grands' Lila Matisa Show dance
  Riga 'DS' Cup - 2011 " some old + new,
  Vilnius Hip-hop event  
26 - 30 Slampe Adventure Dance Camp
4 Riga dance classes begin All courses
  Stockholm Juste Dabout Scandinavia - 2012 solo, duets
  Salaspils Dance Festival "Energy" culture house, Show dance
  Riga Vidzeme suburb, District Modern Dance Show
All groups
  Daugavpils D-Town Cup-2011 who wants to - solo, duets
  Riga Hip-hop may hold Denis all who wish to
  Riga Workshops for dancers all who wish to
  Riga Winter Jam Imanta k / n all who wish to
March Jekabpils Hip-hop and breakdance competitions  
  Riga LMDA Latvia Open Streetdance Championship - 2012 the decision of the membership
  Jekabpils bboys summit Breakdance
  Riga SK Jams  
  Riga Worksop and Workshop - Volume-2  
  Riga International dance theater, classical and modern dance collective festival DANCE FORUM "RIGA Show dance
  France Juste debout 2012 Finals look
  VEFs Riga County Show today's dance colleagues. those that show the district
  Tukums Dance of Joy for friendship - Festival Show dance
  Vilnius Urban Battle - 2012 (2 VS2) 2 vs 2 battles
April   Easter 22 - 24 April.  
1, 2, 3 Minsk, Belarus Extreme Games Belorus / Hip-Hop Evolution - 2012  
  Riga Art Masters, Show Dance Contest Show dance
  Riga Riga Open Cup - 2012 (street show, solo)  
  Moscow M357 Battle Zone -
  Tallinn "Open Estonian Championship 2012 / Baltic Cup basic composition. + New
  Congress Hall Dance Marathon "From classical to avant-garde"  
  Smiltene Dance in us and we will dance! Show dance
  D-Castle Breaking the 3 vs 3  
  Riga SK Jams  
  Riga Worksop and Workshop - Volume-3  
  Lithuania * Break the Boom Vol. 8 - street dance festival in Alytus  
  Brugge, Belgium BIGBANG'S BIG-MAMA  
  Jaunpils Children and youth movements of the festival "Jaunpils 2012 Show dance
  Kaunas, Lithuania Lithuanian Hip-hop Champ .- 2012 basic configurations
5   Latvian Championship Show dance Slampe - 2012 Show dance
28.04.   Latvian Street Dance Cup Slampe - 2012 everyone - the novice group
  Kaliningrad Amber Cup - 2012  
  Grizinkalns Ghetto games  
  Riga Red Bull BC One  
  Riga Worksop and Workshop - Volume-4  
  Riga "Golden Children" movement Volvo Festival Hall Show dance
  Kipsala Dance Exhibition - Fair "Dance Expo-2012" everyone - the novice group
  Riga Baltic Street Dance Cup - Riga CHALLENGE 2012  
  Riga European Street Dance Cup - Riga CHALLENGE 2012 SDK preselection batli 2 vs 2
22 Riga LMDA rating sac. 2012 noslēg.pasāk. ?
26 Grizinkalns Ghetto Basket batli, IDO version
  on the roof Sky battles Denis
  Klaipeda IDO competitions of the Lithuanian groups  
  Grizinkalns Ghetto dance  
  VEFs VDS reports Concert + release, everyone - the novice group
12-15 Slovenia, Koper European Hip-Hop Championship - 2012 to be
  Grizinkalns Ghetto dance, IDO version  
  Czech Republic SDK Worksop, camp, batli  
22-28 Slampe Adventure Camp "idea" who wants to
  Las Vegas / USA HHI World hip hop championship -
August Holidays    
  Grizinkalns Ghetto dance, conclusion.  
3 to 7.10. Germany, Bochum IDO World Hip Hop Championship - 2012 they will be
    updated 20/08/2011.  



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The table shows events by month.  Some of the dates are missing, they will appear as soon as we find out!

The events and dates may change.  Costs are approximate.
Smaller events and unplanned invitations are not included in the calendar.

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