Parent info

  Thank you for supporting talent development and efficient spending of free time just Veizāna dance school that is state accredited (recognized) an educational institution. This means that successful students after 2033 hours (4-6 years) programs will receive a national diploma in learning the basic dance training - specializing in modern dance or hip-hop culture. This autumn, starting its 23st season and to better understand what happens in a team and promote cooperation, there is information that should be familiar to parents.

Dance classes required: 
Pure exchange shoes - comfortable boots, shirt, treniņbikses - convenient, lightweight (not jeans), tight clothing girls classics. Activity to break the pants can be washed frequently, elastic bandages. collected hair for girls, hair clips, hair rubber (no large earrings). 2 photos 3x4 cm in dance schools and dance certificate book. Health Test - sports and hip-hop to break dancers. The studio also has a shower with hot water for both boys and girls.

Dance in Latvian: 
Entry fee is usually 5 .- to 15 .- Ls festivals and competitions, the bus costs 4, - 10, - EUR, depending on the city and distance. Speaking outfits jākrāj money and time - one set of clothes 30 - to 50.-Ls. Dance Book 4 Ls.

Organizational expenses - between 1 and 2Ls , it is money and the teachers who are paid to come up with dancers and accompanied by such children of all measure of time - six, 12 or 48 hours if necessary - the bus, on stage before speaking at appearances. These expenses are not covered by the monthly payments for the study.

Dancer fee Latvian Modern Dance Association, and IDO ( International Dance Organization) 
Membership fee eighth-Ls 2011./ IDO dance book 15.-euro annual fee of 10.-EUR

Camps and multi-day festivals: 
vaccination records (preferably to be grafted to the ticks, etc.)., sleeping bag , inflatable mattress or mat coach.  contract , the application form . To inform the driver of allergies and health characteristics in time.

Dance in non-Latvian: 
Passport - (valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure), birth certificate or notary certified copy of the parents' permission  "universal" to adulthood) certified notary, photos 3x4 cm - players cards and visas.Save money and time two major trips a year to foreign countries (see schedule)

I want to draw attention to that : Only a systematic and regular training leads to the development and success. To achieve the maximum effect will promote the joint - teachers and parents when children lack the willpower.

About our students' success vividly shows the results of the previous season high: 
The Latvian hip-hop champions   children's groups have become the 2005th and 2008. Juniors are six current Latvian champions: 2005th, 2006th, 2007th, 2008th, 2009th, 2010 Young 2006 champions and European Cup finalists, but the older 2009 European Championship finalists. Participated in the Song and Dance Festival 1998th, 2000th, 2005th, 2010

Motivating factor for the development of children have the opportunity to speak !
the extent possible, empower their children's participation in the VDS selected actions: 
a) specially organized workshops with invited viespasniedzējiem , lectures on hip-hop history, 2) rehearsal with him before the responsible actions, 3) activities involving the VISA group - one Team, 4) a duet in which two dance partners, and if one does not participate, then another, this measure would not be felt (get to know your child's duet partner's parents) 5), and then only in individual solo dance performances. Dancer in the development of the school year would be worthwhile to go to a further and one closer to foreign travel , this season they could be groups Mikołajki - December, Austria - July or Germany - October 2012

Position of learning in a mainstream school:
Definitely the first place and will be training in general education school, the dancing and everything else.So dance events during school hours trying to visit only in special cases. If your child has difficulty with motivation to learn, or impair the success of big-time because of, please let us know about it. Lessons barring poor performance because of - not pedagogically right decision, there are other ways. Try to find an individual way to address it.

Looking forward to the continued and enhanced cooperation  

Veizāna dance school director Edmund Veizāns